If you believe your child is experiencing a life-threatening emergency, call 911 immediately.

If your child has become ill, and you feel that it cannot wait until the following morning, we need to hear from you right away. We believe that providing 24-hour-a-day availability for our patients is an important part of our practice. When calling, please have your child’s temperature (taken with a thermometer) and the phone number of your pharmacy available.

It is important to call us if:

• Your child is under two months of age and has a temperature over 100.5oF (38.1°C) rectally
• Your child is experiencing severe abdominal pain lasting more than two hours
• Your child has difficulty breathing (not a stuffy nose)
• Your child is convulsing
• Your child has a severe allergic reaction causing:
o Severe swelling
o Difficulty breathing
o Difficulty swallowing
• Your child has been vomiting for more than 8 hours
• Your child has a possible fracture
• Your child has a laceration that may require stitches
• Your child has a severe earache

All of the above conditions are of concern and certainly warrant a phone call. However, most non-emergency situations are better handled during regular business hours, when the nurses can assist us and we have your records available.

We have a doctor in the office every day to see sick children. Please call us first thing in the morning to schedule an appointment.