For your convenience, phone nurses are available to help answer your questions for medical care, advice, and same day sick appointments:

• Monday – Friday from 8am – 5:00 pm.
• Saturday from 8 am to 10 am

If you would like a same day sick appointment, please try to call our office as early in the day as possible.

Before you call, please be prepared with a list of your questions, your child’s symptoms, your child’s temperature, the telephone number of your pharmacy, and have a paper and pencil handy.

If the problem is more complicated, the nurse may take a message for the doctor, or suggest that you make an appointment for a sick visit.

If you are calling to discuss non-urgent advice, it would be helpful if you placed your call early in the afternoon. Please understand that patient care and emergencies take priority over non-urgent phone calls, but we will return your phone call as soon as possible.

When possible, please call us prior to taking you child to an emergency room or urgent care center. We can then assess whether your child’s problem could be better handled in our office.